Workflow Simplified

Every professional can automate workflows themselves. Ensure smooth task handovers and compliant approvals. Increase efficiency by integrating with your enterprise systems. Effektif also scales to full Business Process Management.

Who is it for?

Process-aware professionals have a nose for progress. Effektif helps business managers gain efficiency and compliance. IT managers use Effektif to jumpstart delivery of customized process applications.

Use cases

Build apps in minutes! Our easy workflow builder enables every professional to build their own workflows in a matter of minutes. Gain a social dimension and collaborate on business tasks.

Infographic: Build workflows in minutes

Build workflows in minutes

We’ve simplified workflow so that every professional can build his own without requiring IT to get involved. It takes minutes rather than days or months.

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Infographic: Collaborate on tasks

Collaborate on tasks

Workflows can coordinate a set of tasks for people. Often tasks get stuck because of bad handover communication. That is really costly in terms of time and quality.

Effektif ensures smooth handovers without delays, makes it clear who has to do what and chases distracted colleagues with reminders and escalations.

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Infographic: Connect enterprise systems

Connect enterprise systems

The number of enterprise IT systems that we have to work with increases constantly. The cloud only has accelerated this trend. Effektif doesn’t only coordinate tasks, it can collect information and connect to other systems, be it on-premise or cloud applications.

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A thrilling claim about the Open Source effektif workflow engine.


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For the past 10 years I have been building BPM systems that are being deployed in small to extreme large scale environments. I founded jBPM and Activiti, two of the most successful open source BPM projects on the planet. The main idea was that developers could build processes and use them inside their programming environment. Now, there is a clear trend to replace on-premise software with cloud services.

For BPM the cloud is a double win: First, offering BPM as a service removes the hassle for organisations to install and maintain a system in-house. BPM systems are notorious for being well … not so easy to install and configure. Second, there is a new opportunity to focus on connectors for enterprise cloud services into processes. I started envisioning a process service that would directly empower end users. I started seeing the BPM service for the rest of us. Every person, no matter how skilled in programming, should be able to automate a simple process within minutes. With that vision I reached out to my friends at Signavio.

Tom Baeyens, founder and Distinguished Engineer of Effektif

About Tom Baeyens

Tom Baeyens is passionate about automation and collaboration. Having created first jBPM and then Activiti, Tom is responsible for a big portion of all the running process engines in the world. His mission is to make people in companies collaborate more effective.

About Signavio

Founded in 2009, Signavio is the leading provider for cloud-based process modeling. It was among the first to implement the international BPMN 2.0 standard and is an active member of the Model Interchange Working Group at OMG.

The company is based in Berlin, Germany and Sunnyvale, CA and Singapore. With a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 100% over the past years, Signavio is one of the fastest growing BPM companies in the world.